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Crimewave’s mission is nothing less than the total re-creation of crime fiction. We don’t do cosy, we don’t do hardboiled, we don’t do noir . . . what we do is something entirely different than whatever you’ve read before. People who have never read crime are about to discover a new universe of fiction in which morality is real but fluid, in which story is central but skewed, in which the traditions of the genre are neither dumped nor subverted, but rather viewed through fresh eyes from a new hill.

Crimewave stories have won prestigious awards, including the CWA Short Story Dagger. We have published Ian Rankin, Maureen O’Brien, Julian Rathbone, Martin Edwards, Nina Allan, Steve Rasnic Tem, Michel Faber, Michael Z Lewin, Brian Hodge, Molly Brown, Chaz Brenchley, Mat Coward, Conrad Williams, Christopher Fowler, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Melanie Tem, Christopher Priest and many others, including several talented newer writers.

“Offers the best in cutting-edge crime fiction and delivers it in a sleek, slick package that is a pleasure to see and hold” Ed Gorman

“Head and shoulders above every other mystery magazine I see, in look, content and tone” Ellen Datlow

“Easily the best-looking crime magazine I’ve ever seen, and quite possibly the best-looking crime magazine ever published. It’s beautifully designed with a stylish, uncluttered layout. Every aspect has been thought out with careful attention to detail, and executed to craftsmanlike standards” Mystery Scene

Crimewave is published occasionally as an American Royal paperback original of at least 240 pages. We’re currently not running a subscription as such to Crimewave but your support is still essential – none of this would exist otherwise – so please consider pre-ordering the next volume(s).

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