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An assortment of publications, books and papers available from the Airship Association.

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Proceedings of the 11th International Airship Convention and Regatta
Proceedings of the 11th International Airship Convention
- Flights of Fact and Fantasy - Bedford 2017
This is a substantial 163 page A4 size book containing the all the papers presented during the conference part of the Convention.
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An Introduction to the AIRSHIP - 3rd edition
Intro to the AIRSHIP

An Introduction to the AIRSHIP - 3rd edition

Revised and updated 2007
by Dr Edwin Mowforth MA(Cantab), PhD(Surrey), MRAeS, MIMechE, CEng. Vice President of The Airship Association

This much awaited work brings Dr Mowforth's excellent series right up-to-date. An essential handbook for anyone wishing to understand modern airships.

150pp illustrated with many images, drawings and graphs.

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The Future of Airships in the Royal Navy

The Future of Airships in the Royal Navy
Including a Preface Looking Towards 2029

Sub-Lieutenant Martin Flanagan RN

AirshipsRNThis university thesis was written while Martin Flanagan was studying for a degree in Systems Analysis and Management at The City University, London in 1983. At the time he had limited practical experience of maritime matters, but had read widely about the application of Royal Navy operations, both as part of naval general training at Dartmouth, and as part of the degree course at City University. The Falklands war took place over this period (1982), so the strengths and weaknesses of the Royal Navy were highlighted in the national press, and this informed the writing of the thesis. Of the many lessons identified, the resounding one to my eyes was the lack of airborne early warning to the fleet.

Airships appeared to be a suitable subject as a final thesis for the systems analysis degree because they represented an entire transport system with long endurance that could address some of the pressing needs of the Royal Navy at the time.

The original text has been reviewed and a completely new Preface looking towards airship related naval operations up to 2029 has been included in this valuable work which continues to be very relevant.

Includes an Introduction by Air Marshal Sir John Walker KCB, CBE, AFC, FRAeS, RAF (Ret'd)

Format: A4 soft cover - 88 pages. Profusely illustrated.

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Airships Today
Thumbnail of Airships Today
Edwin Mowforth
Arnold Nayler

Published October 2004

AIRSHIPS TODAY (10 pp A4 in full colour) is an introduction to the types and various capabilities of modern airships.

It describes in some detail what modern airships are, how they compare with other types of aircraft and what they can do in a number of markets.

There is also a description of how both the modern helium gassed blimp and hot-air airships operate, illustrated with a selection of recent colour photographs of modern airships operating.

A valuable and up-to-date reference aid when briefing people with little previous experience of powered lighter-than-air aviation.

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