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General Cricket Books

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Duckworth Lewis : The men behind it
DuckworthLewis This book looks at the history of the men and the method and includes many exmaples of how it has been applied in major games.

They also discuss rival methods.

This complements the Guide, which is still availabe and explains in more detail how to apply the method in local games.

- @ £12.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Think Cricket : Compete Mentally
ThinkCricket Christopher Bazalgette has updated this helpful little guide mainly aimed at new or younger players but does include a section on umpiring and scoring.

He has included the scoring symbols agains the umpire's signals. This would be particularly helpful for novice scorers to keep open at this page during a game.

For more information click long description

@ £9.99  (1 Available)

** S F Barnes - His Life and Times
S_barnec.jpg A superbly constructed biography - Robin Marlar

@ £14.95  (1 Available)

150 years of Cricket in Hong Kong
S_hong.jpg Fully illustrated, packed with statistics, and with introductions by Chris Patten, the last governor of Hong Kong and field marshal the Lord Bramall, a player himself this is both a labour of love and an essential addition to the literature of cricket as well as being the definitive reference work on cricket in Hong Kong.

- @ £25.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

A social history of English Cricket
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG A social history of English Cricket

- @ £20.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Alexyz Cartoons?
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Alexyz Cartoons? Alexyz

- @ £99.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

All About Cricket Johnston
S_aac.JPG All About Cricket Johnston

- @ £2.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Armchair Cricket A board game
S_arm.jpg Armchair Cricket A board game

- @ £99.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Art of Nicholas Felix
S_anf.jpg Art of N Felix

@ £40.00  (1 Available)

Athertons Progress
S_ath.JPG Athertons Progress

@ £9.95  (1 Available)

Behind the Tests
S_btt.JPG Behind the Tests

- @ £5.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Bluffers Guide to Cricket
S_bluff.jpg one of a series of snappy little books containing facts, jargon, and all you need to know for instant expertise.

@ £2.99  (1 Available)

Botham Report Botham, Ian
S_boh.jpg Botham Report Botham, Ian

@ £16.99  (4 Available)

Cricket Strangest Matches
S_str.JPG Cricket Strangest Matches

@ £8.99  (2 Available)

Cricket Voices - Interviews Minih Bose
S_cvoices.jpg Please email us to ask for details of availability, condition and exact price BEFORE ordering.

@ £19.99  (1 Available)

Cricketers Companion
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib004\acc15.jpg Cricketers Companion

@ £10.00  (1 Available)

History of Hertfordshire Cricket
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG History of Hertfordshire Cricket

- @ £20.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

How to Watch Cricket
S_hat.JPG How to Watch Cricket

- @ £3.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Howzzat Cricket Cartoons

@ £3.95  (1 Available)

Ins & Outs of Cricket
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Ins & Outs of Cricket

@ £14.95  (1 Available)

Jargonbusting by Channel 4 TV
jargon25.jpg jargon25.jpgJargonbusting - The analyst's guide to Test Cricket by Simon Hughes

@ £12.99

Larwood Story
S_lar.JPG Larwood Story

@ £7.95  (1 Available)

Laughter before Wicket
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Laughter before Wicket

- @ £910.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

MCCowdrey Audtobiography
S_mcp.JPG Autobiog - MCCowdrey Cowdrey, Colin

Hardback 1976 @ £5.00  (1 Available)
Paperback 1977 @ £2.95  (2 Available)

More Cricket Extras
S_mex.JPG More Cricket Extras

@ £7.99  (3 Available)

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