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a variety of items for scorers including armband, weathershield, pens, books by Derek Hibbs and Keith Booth

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Duckworth Lewis : Guide to setting One Day Targets

Your Comprehensive Guide to the D/L Method
NOW September 2004 - 2nd EDITION on PAPER and comb bound 0954871804.

The widely accepted method of recalculating targets in One Day Games that are interrupted. The original standard tables were revised in 2002 and remain current until further notice (as at August 2004).   The long description page on this site contains more details of the method. - see also our information web page. Please note that the current ICC computer version may yield slightly different answers - unfortunately they refuse to allow commercial sales of their product.

The ELECTRONIC copy (including tables) can be downloaded from here in Adobe Acrobat format - approx 1Mb download - but takes approx 10 mins on 56k modem. You should receive automatic instructions IMMEDIATELY after your payment has been processed. If you need a free copy of the Acrobat Reader, then go to www.acrobat.com If you have problems downloading, please advise us and we can send it as an email attachment or another link but this can only be actioned when qualified staff are in the office.

The supplementary tables are only relevant if you have the first edition of the booklet and just need the 2002 tables. Both the present printed and downloadable editions contain the full current tables.

We are considering providing some copies in Perfect Bound format (i.e. traditional book rather than comb. If this version would interest you, please email perfect@acumenbooks.co.uk

Main Booklet comb bound 2004 Duckworth Lewis @ £6.99  (57 Available)
Electronic Download Guide to D/L Method (with tables) @ £4.95

Electronic Tally Counter
Finger Tally

Electronic counter for keeping the score/lap/count with a simple press of a button.

TWO SMALL VERSIONS two buttons reset and count. Adjust strap to slip on to finger.

2007 E6 Water resistant to 3 metres! - so suitable for swimmers, bird-watchers, crowd control and athletes as well as umpires - counts up to 9,999.
This version carries 12 month warranty

2012version was much cheaper BUT had prominent buttons liable to be pressed in error. ALSO power save mode required an extra press to wake up - so not very suitable for umpires.

Also popular with Bat (flying mammal variety) hunters and patients who suffer from Eczema

2004 Electronic Tally

Also larger E2 for neck or wrist mounting - not waterproof.

If we are out of stock, we will send firm orders as soon as they become available - please email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report

- 2007 Finger Tally @ £9.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2012 Special Triple Pack Offer @ £555.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2007 Finger (pack of 5) @ £45.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2007 Finger (pack of 10) @ £84.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2003 Neck NOT waterproof @ £4.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2012 NOT waterproof @ £1.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)


Staedtler TriPlus Pens
An exciting new (Autumn 2003) pen, 20 waterproof colours with sturdy body and a robust carrying case - fine liner with metal cased tip.

pack standingshows pack standing up
colour chart colour chart

description and picture of box
gives 20 colours and pen description
gives 20 colours and pen description

Staedtler TriPlus 10 pack @ £5.99  (18 Available)
Staedtler TriPlus 20 pack @ £11.75  (16 Available)

Staedtler 0.3mm Silver Ball Pens (10 pack)


0.3mm pens ideal for scorers and in a pack of 10 different colours at a very affordable price

NOW IN STOCK ready for new season - they are waterproof even if the players are not!!

- @ £4.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Millennium Scoring Record
A superior scorebook to meet the requirements of scorers in the new Millennium, complete with Penalty Runs, Clips for Wind/weather, fold back cover etc. designed by Cathy Rawson and ACU&S Scorers Committee - fully compliant with MCC 2000 Laws.   Launch price included protective polythene carrying bag now 1.00 extra - also Refills and Spare Covers now available

BEFORE ORDERING - please email us for a cheaper quote due to VAT regulations and credit card charges, we can arrange for supply at a cheaper price if you pay by cash or cheque payable to publishers - also the computer works out a higher postage cost

Click For more details of this superior scorebook

Complete Binder & Pages @ £23.00
- Complete Binder, Pages & Carrying Bag @ £24.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
Empty Binder @ £13.50
Refill Pages @ £13.50

Tally Counter Plastic
lib251:2 keep track of the runs - also useful for many other purposes

- @ £9.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Tally Stand
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Tally Stand

@ £1.00  (1 Available)

Cumulative Scorebook 1931
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Cumulative Scorebook 1931

@ £40.00  (1 Available)

HiVis Armband (for easy acknowledgement)
lib251:10 Fabric Armband tapers from elbow to wrist - measure wrist size including clothing normally worn - there is some elasticity in the material and it can be reversed in very hot weather as the wrist size then clings near the elbow.

state wrist size in cm
@ £2.00  (3 Available)

Knowing The Score by Keith Booth
lib251:13 Knowing the score Booth, Keith

- @ £15.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

New Matrix Scoring Book
S_matrix.jpg New Matrix Scoring Book Gibbins.

a sample page can be viewed here

- @ £1.75  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Score Book Analyst
www.Score-Book-Analyst.co.uk SBA is the essential tool for the effortless creation of accurate, reliable match statistics and individual averages for Cricket Clubs SBA is a computer program which has been written specifically to make the task of producing player averages & team statistics as simple and hassle-free as possible. DOWNLOAD free trial version OR email Martin.Fears@virgin.net OR send SAE to 7 Carlisle Close, Telford, TF1 6YZ for floppy disc version

@ £99.99  (1 Available)

Scorers Handbook by Derek Hibbs
Lib25%:25 Millennium Edition (with revised cover) is out of stock but a new edition is being prepared for release in Summer 2006.

to be placed on the waiting list send us an email

This is the only book written just for scorers - it explains both the basic method (and it should be done rigorously methodically if it is to be accurate under pressure) and some of the more advanced methods.

- Millennium edition Scorers Handbook @ £5.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- Scorers Handbook with plastic cover @ £5.20  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)


The Cumulative Cricket Scoring Book 1931

@ £40.00  (1 Available)

edding 55 pens - various colours / packs
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Pens suitable for scorers hard wearing fine tip (metal framed 0.3mm) - Multipack contains black, red, blue, green (4 primary),
yellow, orange, brown, violet, pink, light blue (=10),
light green , grey (=12),
turquoise, steel blue, carmine, magenta(=20 with extra primary colours)

SPECIAL OFFER on SINGLE COLOURSBuy 3 colours and we will add a fourth colour FREE. But 4 colours and we will add two more pens (different colours if available).

- Multipack 10 colours @ £14.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
Multipack 20 pens (16 colours) @ £29.00  (3 Available)
- Multipack of 12 colours WITHDRAWN @ £15.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- Single - Grey @ £1.50  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- Single - Light Green @ £1.50  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
single - Black @ £1.50  (3 Available)
single - Blue @ £1.50  (7 Available)
single - Green @ £1.50  (6 Available)
single - Red @ £1.50  (11 Available)



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