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New Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring & Scoring
SUMMER 2011 fully revised edition to correspond with 4th Edition MCC Laws - RRP £18.99 BUT we are able to offer it at the cheapest retail price - please email us to enquire for bulk discounts.

Very sorry that MCC have no plans to revise this edition so there are some minor discrepancies with 2013 Laws

2009 reprint OUT OF STOCK(minor changes from the jubilee edition (2004) of this classic text book)

2004 was completely revised edition in a new, larger, format to cover the 2003 Law changes. We do still have copies of previous editions (often back as far as 1950's) available for historical reasons - please enquire.

For details of our special offers, bulk quantities and discounts for cash/cheque with order, please email us for copies of our periodic newsletter. - we try to provide a convenient service to trainees.

Tom Smith 2010/2011 edition @ £10.99  (9 Available)

6 LEVER Counter (balls in over)
lever2010 SPECIAL OFFER - AUGUST 2016
THREE for normal price of ONE
save even MORE if you pay by cheque or cash as this reduces the bank charges incurred by credit card or paypal!
Hand countersThe six lever counter is an old fashioned but very effective way of counting the balls in the over. More details can be found at www.acumenbooks.co.uk/lever/lever.htm

24oct11 Acumen are pleased to announce a NEW robust plastic version with assistance from an EU grant. THREE YEAR GUARANTEE.

All have optional clips and FREE strap made with Velcro(r) (easily removed), which can be used for wrist mounting or looped over fingers 3 and 4 and held in palm of hand for one handed operation. You may also buy the email electronic counter SEPARATELY for use on index finger as illustrated.

A limited number of new Metal counters are also currently available.

SECOND HAND - are available very occasionally.
We also buy surplus counters in working order.

Please email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report

Before 1980, 3D Cricket of Cheltenham stopped making the @David Constant@ version.


It is simply six levers on a sprung base plate - details on http://www.acumenbooks.co.uk/lever/lever.htm

2011 Robust Plastic 6-lever counter @ £20.00  (29 Available)
2014 SPECIAL OFFER 3 off LEVER @ £30.00  (1 Available)
Brand new metal lever counter @ £75.00  (4 Available)
- Secondhand Lever counter @ £65.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Multipurpose Gauge with pouch

They all measure ball, bail, bat and wicket and come with pouch.

NEW 7-in-1 thick plastic (3mm) similar layout to aluminium one including notches to enable groundsmen to pitch the centre of the stumps accurately first time AS WELL AS stumps and protected area like discontinued 6-in-1.

7-in-1 aluminium illustrated on left includes notches to enable groundsmen to pitch the centre of the stumps accurately first time AS WELL AS stumps and protected area like discontinued 6-in-1.

More details and descriptions can be found email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report

If you prefer to pay by cheque, then use the price shown but with FREE postage & packing - worldwide.

Also email if you require several items and wish to save on postage.

We can supply in bulk with your own logo instead of ours - please email: office@acumenbooks.co.uk?subject=WantOurGauge - allow eight weeks for delivery of plastic or sixteen weeks on aluminium after sending us your order with good image.

7-in-1 Aluminium Gauge @ £23.99  (3 Available)
- 5-in-1 Aluminium gauge with pouch @ £15.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 4-in-1 Enamelled Gauge SECONDHAND @ £12.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 7-in-1 thick plastic @ £15.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

You are the Umpire
A batsman's bat breaks in half mid-shot. He trips on the piece of broken blade, knocking it back into the stumps. Is he out hit wicket?

At Canterbury (in the old days, before the big tree died) a ball strikes the upper branches and leaves of the tree but still clears the boundary. What do you signal?

A batsman is struck on the helmet. Dazed, he walks into his stumps. The fielding team appeal. What do you decide?

Paul Trevillion, Europe's foremost sports illustrator, has teamed up with ex-professional cricket and test umpire John Holder to produce this entertaining and informative guide to the laws of cricket. Based on the hugely popular "Observer" comic strip and embellished with anecdotes from John Holder's thirty-five years in top class cricket, this book is a treasure trove for all fans of this beautiful, compelling - sometimes frustrating - game.

@ £12.99

How's That ! by Khalid Aziz
The only book so far covering Referees as well as Umpires and Scorers - 258 pages. Khalid Aziz of Pakistan was a Test Match Umpire from 1987 to 1996 and participated in the rewriting of the 2000 code. He is now ICC Umpire Instructor for Asia.

@ £4.99  (9 Available)

Electronic Tally Counter
Finger Tally

Electronic counter for keeping the score/lap/count with a simple press of a button.

TWO SMALL VERSIONS two buttons reset and count. Adjust strap to slip on to finger.

2007 E6 Water resistant to 3 metres! - so suitable for swimmers, bird-watchers, crowd control and athletes as well as umpires - counts up to 9,999.
This version carries 12 month warranty

2012version was much cheaper BUT had prominent buttons liable to be pressed in error. ALSO power save mode required an extra press to wake up - so not very suitable for umpires.

Also popular with Bat (flying mammal variety) hunters and patients who suffer from Eczema

2004 Electronic Tally

Also larger E2 for neck or wrist mounting - not waterproof.

If we are out of stock, we will send firm orders as soon as they become available - please email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report

- 2007 Finger Tally @ £9.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2012 Special Triple Pack Offer @ £555.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2007 Finger (pack of 5) @ £45.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2007 Finger (pack of 10) @ £84.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2003 Neck NOT waterproof @ £4.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 2012 NOT waterproof @ £1.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)


Teach Cricket
This handy sized full colour, laminated, spiral bound, little book has been designed as a practical guide for teachers, parents and coaches to make teaching cricket fun for children. Packed with drill ideas, safety tips and wet weather ideas, the book covers every aspect of cricket including batting, bowling and fielding and has a section on warming up and cooling down.

Written by ECB Coaches Robert Thomas and Richard O’Sullivan (Albatross Partnership) adopted as an ICC global resource and 15,000 copies already sold worldwide - more information at www.teachcricket.com from 1st April 2006.

- @ £11.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)


Original Laws of Cricket

Published May 2008 Author Michael Rundell

Of all the rules governing sport, the laws of cricket are among the oldest. The first written rules of 1744 survive uniquely on the border of a piece of linen at the MCC Museum of Cricket. They were drawn up by certain 'Noblemen and Gentlemen' at a time when gambling on cricket matches was rife.

The 'laws' were codified to ensure a fair outcome when so much was riding on the game. The story of the evolution of these laws and how they affected the game is a fascinating and seldom told chapter in the history of cricket.Following on from the success of "The Rules of Association Football 1863" and "The Original Rules of Rugby", this book reproduces the complete text of the original laws and is illustrated with images from the unique manuscript held at the MCC as well as images of the game from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It also includes what is thought to be the first known image of cricket dating from a fourteenth-century manuscript now in the Bodleian Library.

@ £5.99  (4 Available)

Questions & Answers - Don Kirkby

NEW FOR 2007

This is a series of three easy to read booklets which give readers the opportunity to consider practical scenarios taken from the game of cricket whilst at the same time testing knowledge of the Laws of Cricket based on the 2000 Code 2nd Edition – 2003

Don Kirkby is a Senior Instructor with many years experience of running courses and instructing umpires in the Laws of Cricket on behalf of the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. He has played league cricket for many years, and in a number of those, he acted as captain. He also has a vast experience of umpiring at this level.

Each book contains 75 Case Scenarios and Questions separated from the Answers (with references to Law) to allow the reader to consider the probable outcome.

Code 70 : Over & Out
Code 71 : Bails & No Ball
Code 72 : The Wicket is Down.

Also available as a set of three, saving on postage - code 69.
You can proceed to pay by credit card which will add p&p
OR you can save the postage charge (within UK) by sending your cheque with order and ACU&S membership number.

Kirkby 70 : Over & Out @ £4.50  (1 Available)
Kirkby 71 : Bails & No Ball @ £4.50  (1 Available)
Kirkby 72 : The Wicket is Down @ £4.50  (2 Available)
Kirkby 69 : Set of Three Q&A Books @ £12.50  (2 Available)


MCC Open Learning Manual for Umpires 2010
This comprehensive manual is based on the original ACU&s;S version by George&s;Alf Powley and now updated by Sheila Hill to reflect 2010 MCC Law changes.

Acumen can now supply it in two styles of paper editions.

The sturdy ring bound version includes finger index tabs and is printed on one side only. This enables the reader to make notes on the facing page and to insert future amendment sheets most easily.

We can also supply a simple, comb-bound A4 sheets printed on both sides. RRP £3.50

Please be aware there is a blind spot in the computer program and it calculates postage based on the very HEAVY ring binder version. To allow for this, we show a much lower price against the comb-bound version - do not then be alarmed by the high postage calculated.

Please do not hesitate to email office[AT]AcumenBooks.co.uk to clarify this point or ask for overseas or bulk prices.

The current edition can also be downloaded FREE of charge from http://www.lords.org/laws-and-spirit/laws-of-cricket/open-learning-manual%2C833,AR%2Chtml

The intention is that MCC will subsequently issue individual amendment pages.

- MCC OLM comb-bound @ £2.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- MCC OLM ring binder @ £10.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Score Book Analyst
www.Score-Book-Analyst.co.uk SBA is the essential tool for the effortless creation of accurate, reliable match statistics and individual averages for Cricket Clubs SBA is a computer program which has been written specifically to make the task of producing player averages & team statistics as simple and hassle-free as possible. DOWNLOAD free trial version OR email Martin.Fears@virgin.net OR send SAE to 7 Carlisle Close, Telford, TF1 6YZ for floppy disc version

@ £99.99  (1 Available)

White Coats, Jackets & Hats
Acumen Books do not sell white coats or jackets but recommend Mrs C Allen who offers a very economical unique tailoring service of loops, extra pockets, shortening etc.

Click above subject line for detailed price list

- @ £15.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)


Wisden Almanack Official Reprints
Not available from Acuemn Books - Please contact publishers


@ £99.99  (1 Available)


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