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New Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring & Scoring
SUMMER 2011 fully revised edition to correspond with 4th Edition MCC Laws - RRP £18.99 BUT we are able to offer it at the cheapest retail price - please email us to enquire for bulk discounts.

Very sorry that MCC have no plans to revise this edition so there are some minor discrepancies with 2013 Laws

2009 reprint OUT OF STOCK(minor changes from the jubilee edition (2004) of this classic text book)

2004 was completely revised edition in a new, larger, format to cover the 2003 Law changes. We do still have copies of previous editions (often back as far as 1950's) available for historical reasons - please enquire.

For details of our special offers, bulk quantities and discounts for cash/cheque with order, please email us for copies of our periodic newsletter. - we try to provide a convenient service to trainees.

Tom Smith 2010/2011 edition @ £10.99  (9 Available)

6 LEVER Counter (balls in over)
lever2010 SPECIAL OFFER - AUGUST 2016
THREE for normal price of ONE
save even MORE if you pay by cheque or cash as this reduces the bank charges incurred by credit card or paypal!
Hand countersThe six lever counter is an old fashioned but very effective way of counting the balls in the over. More details can be found at www.acumenbooks.co.uk/lever/lever.htm

24oct11 Acumen are pleased to announce a NEW robust plastic version with assistance from an EU grant. THREE YEAR GUARANTEE.

All have optional clips and FREE strap made with Velcro(r) (easily removed), which can be used for wrist mounting or looped over fingers 3 and 4 and held in palm of hand for one handed operation. You may also buy the email electronic counter SEPARATELY for use on index finger as illustrated.

A limited number of new Metal counters are also currently available.

SECOND HAND - are available very occasionally.
We also buy surplus counters in working order.

Please email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report

Before 1980, 3D Cricket of Cheltenham stopped making the @David Constant@ version.


It is simply six levers on a sprung base plate - details on http://www.acumenbooks.co.uk/lever/lever.htm

2011 Robust Plastic 6-lever counter @ £20.00  (29 Available)
2014 SPECIAL OFFER 3 off LEVER @ £30.00  (1 Available)
Brand new metal lever counter @ £75.00  (4 Available)
- Secondhand Lever counter @ £65.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Duckworth Lewis : Guide to setting One Day Targets

Your Comprehensive Guide to the D/L Method
NOW September 2004 - 2nd EDITION on PAPER and comb bound 0954871804.

The widely accepted method of recalculating targets in One Day Games that are interrupted. The original standard tables were revised in 2002 and remain current until further notice (as at August 2004).   The long description page on this site contains more details of the method. - see also our information web page. Please note that the current ICC computer version may yield slightly different answers - unfortunately they refuse to allow commercial sales of their product.

The ELECTRONIC copy (including tables) can be downloaded from here in Adobe Acrobat format - approx 1Mb download - but takes approx 10 mins on 56k modem. You should receive automatic instructions IMMEDIATELY after your payment has been processed. If you need a free copy of the Acrobat Reader, then go to www.acrobat.com If you have problems downloading, please advise us and we can send it as an email attachment or another link but this can only be actioned when qualified staff are in the office.

The supplementary tables are only relevant if you have the first edition of the booklet and just need the 2002 tables. Both the present printed and downloadable editions contain the full current tables.

We are considering providing some copies in Perfect Bound format (i.e. traditional book rather than comb. If this version would interest you, please email perfect@acumenbooks.co.uk

Main Booklet comb bound 2004 Duckworth Lewis @ £6.99  (57 Available)
Electronic Download Guide to D/L Method (with tables) @ £4.95

Multipurpose Gauge with pouch

They all measure ball, bail, bat and wicket and come with pouch.

NEW 7-in-1 thick plastic (3mm) similar layout to aluminium one including notches to enable groundsmen to pitch the centre of the stumps accurately first time AS WELL AS stumps and protected area like discontinued 6-in-1.

7-in-1 aluminium illustrated on left includes notches to enable groundsmen to pitch the centre of the stumps accurately first time AS WELL AS stumps and protected area like discontinued 6-in-1.

More details and descriptions can be found email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report

If you prefer to pay by cheque, then use the price shown but with FREE postage & packing - worldwide.

Also email if you require several items and wish to save on postage.

We can supply in bulk with your own logo instead of ours - please email: office@acumenbooks.co.uk?subject=WantOurGauge - allow eight weeks for delivery of plastic or sixteen weeks on aluminium after sending us your order with good image.

7-in-1 Aluminium Gauge @ £23.99  (3 Available)
- 5-in-1 Aluminium gauge with pouch @ £15.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 4-in-1 Enamelled Gauge SECONDHAND @ £12.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 7-in-1 thick plastic @ £15.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Bowler Marker (Plastic Spike)
Bowler Marker Traditional White Plastic with Spike (ONLY available from stock as plain or with your Logo to special order)

March 2003 ACU S Jubilee Markers (endorsed 50 Years Service to Cricket) DISCONTINUED.

Plain white almost always available.

If out of stock email want@acumenbooks.co.uk to be placed on the mailing list for availability.
NB Multipacks save on the postage costs. If you want more then please email for a quote.

If you would like some with your sponsor or association log email want@acumenbooks.co.uk for a quotation - allow 30 days from our receipt of your artwork.

Pack of 10 white bowlers markers @ £5.00  (1 Available)
Plain White Pair @ £1.20  (833 Available)


Thinking Cricket by Ajith C S Perera
This full colour book was published in October 2001 and covers a totally different approach for greater success - equally suitable for dispirited youngster, experienced professionals, teachers etc

An indispensable Players' guide to better cricket - transform your career 300pp - Intro by Mike Brearley and David Whatmore

Identifies hundreds of common mistakes and deficiencies - provides a wealth of good advice and remedial measures - packed throughout with practical ideas

Press reviews etc can be found on long description page by clicking on the title line above.

click for picture

- @ £12.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)


Umpire Match / Over Record Cards
Blue A5 Field Over Records Card

PREMIER CARDS (also suitable for T20)

2018 Blue cards are available in A5 folded format and include more space for recording times of events - vital in several parts of new code.

With the advent of the updated Laws, it is essential that umpires make more detailed notes, especially the timings.

Acumen Books have enhanced their traditional pink over record cards with extra space to make these records:
- assist in calculation of over rates
- notes on players leaving the field
- time for incoming batsmen (also method of dismissal in case scorers query later)
as well as all the traditional ones to keep track of each bowler's spell
(you should record the actual number of the over against each bowler as this will identify when a young bowler can resume)
WRITE DOWN every over - so no need for a wheeled counter (although we can sell you Gray Nicolls one, we strongly recommend our 6 lever counter OR the use of pebbles, coins or tokens as these can be used as a double action)

As before, there is space for some of the most important information about the match (eg finish time, number of overs which will probably be different on Sunday than on Saturday! as well as name of tea lady (or man)!)

These pale blue cards are slightly smaller than A5 but designed to fold in half to fit in shirt pocket. By special request the boxes are slightly bigger than our previous A6 version!

Our log book with 40 matches is also available (A6 size) but also contains several useful aide memoires.
Premier Crad

2015 Pink cards with extra space for recording the exact times of 14 interruptions in play in each innings (eg time taken for new batsman to come in, ball lost over boundary, injuries etc) all of which may be important factors in determining penalties for slow over rates. Now with space for score at end of each over.
We have now removed the last hour calculator - although we can still supply the GREEN version on special order.

Cards are narrow (95mm) to fit into shirt / top coat pocket. They are also available in bound booklet form as a log book - see other product. Please note that the exact colour may vary depending on available stocks of card.

West Surrey Card

We also sell West Surrey Cards which are thicker but do not contain last 20 over calculations nor the detailed times.

GREEN cards, including last hour calculator, similar to PINK but with less extra space for recording the stoppages ALSO without score at end of over - AVAILABLE on SPECIAL ORDER only.


click here for more details of all the latest cards or send SAE for a sample card.

NB postage is calculated on the weight of 40 cards - if you require fewer - please email us for a quotation - we hope to improve this computer facility soon. If you buy 80, then you get a bargain!
Please note that where the available quantity is not shown, then we do not keep a running online stock check as we should have a large quantity immediately available.

40 Blue A5 Field Record Cards @ £5.00
80 Blue A5 Field Record Cards @ £8.00
80 Pink A6 Premier Cards @ £7.00
40 Pink A6 Premier Cards @ £3.60
80 Pink A5 Premier Cards @ £9.50
40 Pink A5 Premier Cards @ £4.00
80 West Surrey Cards @ £8.50
40 West Surrey Cards @ £5.00  (45 Available)

100ft / 30m Measuring Tape
100ft tape (smaller image) Measuring Tape - manufacturer my vary but will definitely exceed 22 yards! Holder makes it easy to reel in after use.

100ft measuring Tape @ £18.99  (1 Available)

Alone in the Middle by Steve Dunne
The first ever book about the life of a New Zealand cricket umpire.

Steve was the first umpire to control 100 ODIs and he dsicusses many incident including the Muralitharan -Throwing- affair

if out of stock, please email dunne@acumenbooks.co.uk and we wil place you on the mailing list.

- @ £19.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

MCC Open Learning Manual for Umpires 2010
This comprehensive manual is based on the original ACU&s;S version by George&s;Alf Powley and now updated by Sheila Hill to reflect 2010 MCC Law changes.

Acumen can now supply it in two styles of paper editions.

The sturdy ring bound version includes finger index tabs and is printed on one side only. This enables the reader to make notes on the facing page and to insert future amendment sheets most easily.

We can also supply a simple, comb-bound A4 sheets printed on both sides. RRP £3.50

Please be aware there is a blind spot in the computer program and it calculates postage based on the very HEAVY ring binder version. To allow for this, we show a much lower price against the comb-bound version - do not then be alarmed by the high postage calculated.

Please do not hesitate to email office[AT]AcumenBooks.co.uk to clarify this point or ask for overseas or bulk prices.

The current edition can also be downloaded FREE of charge from http://www.lords.org/laws-and-spirit/laws-of-cricket/open-learning-manual%2C833,AR%2Chtml

The intention is that MCC will subsequently issue individual amendment pages.

- MCC OLM comb-bound @ £2.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- MCC OLM ring binder @ £10.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Staedtler TriPlus Pens
An exciting new (Autumn 2003) pen, 20 waterproof colours with sturdy body and a robust carrying case - fine liner with metal cased tip.

pack standingshows pack standing up
colour chart colour chart

description and picture of box
gives 20 colours and pen description
gives 20 colours and pen description

Staedtler TriPlus 10 pack @ £5.99  (18 Available)
Staedtler TriPlus 20 pack @ £11.75  (16 Available)

Staedtler 0.3mm Silver Ball Pens (10 pack)


0.3mm pens ideal for scorers and in a pack of 10 different colours at a very affordable price

NOW IN STOCK ready for new season - they are waterproof even if the players are not!!

- @ £4.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Readers' Triangular Counter Balls & Overs
New for 2002, Readers have introduced a Ball and Over Counter - similar to the old Hunts Counter but with wrist strap embossed with "titles" but without black ink.

Readers B&O3 Counter @ £5.95  (12 Available)

Shep - Autobiography (Book or Tape) by David Shepherd

Cricket's most senior umpire tells his story from Devonian Childhood to 20 years as an umpire,
NOW IN STOCK both as book and also audio tape

The autobiography of David Shepherd, one of the world's most senior and respected cricketing umpires. For more than 20 years he has umpired tests, county games and one day matches everywhere from Trinidad to Glamorgan, and from Essex to Melbourne.

Book - Shep Autobigraphy @ £18.99  (8 Available)
Shep Audio Tape @ £9.99  (4 Available)

Know The Game (2003 code)
This is the full laws of cricket with coloured illustrations and a very small amount of explanatory text NOW RE-PUBLISHED 2004 September

- @ £4.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Millennium Scoring Record
A superior scorebook to meet the requirements of scorers in the new Millennium, complete with Penalty Runs, Clips for Wind/weather, fold back cover etc. designed by Cathy Rawson and ACU&S Scorers Committee - fully compliant with MCC 2000 Laws.   Launch price included protective polythene carrying bag now £1.00 extra - also Refills and Spare Covers now available

BEFORE ORDERING - please email us for a cheaper quote due to VAT regulations and credit card charges, we can arrange for supply at a cheaper price if you pay by cash or cheque payable to publishers - also the computer works out a higher postage cost

Click For more details of this superior scorebook

Complete Binder & Pages @ £23.00
- Complete Binder, Pages & Carrying Bag @ £24.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
Empty Binder @ £13.50
Refill Pages @ £13.50

Bails - all varieties

Bails - Standard, Heavy and High Visibility (illustrated)

all bails conform to MCC 2000 Laws - within normal woodworking tolerances.

Flourescent - high visibility are very useful when standing at striker's end on a dry square when pale brown wood is difficult to see against pale brown grass and pale brown stumps!

Heavy Bails for windy days (over 120gm per set compared with 80gm standard).   Note that colour of heavy bails may vary - sometimes piebald or light brown as well as usual dark brown.

If out of stock - please mail to bails@acumenbooks.co.uk to be placed on the mailing list.   We will email you as soon as they are back in stock.

Standard Bails @ £4.99  (22 Available)
Bails - Flourescent - high visibility @ £6.95  (4 Available)
- Bails COMBINED HiVis & Heavy @ £7.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
Heavy Bails @ £6.95  (20 Available)
Youth / Junior Bails @ £4.99  (8 Available)

100 First Class Umpires - Andrew Hignell
Bails - Heavy for windy days.

all bails conform to MCC 2000 Laws - within normal woodworking tolerances. Note that colour may vary - sometimes piebald or light brown as well as usual dark brown.

If out of stock - please mail to bails@acumenbooks.co.uk to be placed on the waiting list.   We will email you as soon as they are back in stock.

@ £10.99  (4 Available)

Bat gauge 2017
2017 bat Gauge 2017 bat GaugeGauge to ensure bats conform to MCC 2017 Laws

@ £8.50

Knowing The Score by Keith Booth
lib251:13 Knowing the score Booth, Keith

- @ £15.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Laser Pointer for Instructors
Laser pointer - useful for instructors - five interchangeable heads

Limited Stock . If we are out of stock, we will send firm orders as soon as they become available - please email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report

@ £9.99  (3 Available)


Plan Cricket by Christopher Bazalgette
Christopher Bazalgette has just published an exciting new book about how to run a cricket club – an indispensable guide on sports club administration, duties of the various officers, reference section on suppliers – even something for the groundsman. Retail price £9.99, UK p&p £1 BUT USUAL ACUMEN INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER – post free if you send cheque / cash with order before 31st December 2003. www.acumenbooks.co.uk/plancricket.htm contains more details and a cover picture.

Do you know all the organisations offering grants for cricket clubs?

Have you tried and tested all the methods of fundraising?

Have you converted your club to the Clubmark scheme?
- A sure way to be allocated funds from the ECB.
- What is Clubmark?
- There is a full example for a club ­from start to recognition.

What is CRB?  How to be ‘young friendly’

Plan Cricket

­£9.99 inc UK p&p
3 for £25 - ask for bulk prices

All the answers are in PLAN Cricket and so much more ­ The Administrators Bible by Christopher Bazalgette & John Appleyard – available from Acumen Books, 167 Nantwich Rd, Audley, ST7 8DL

Every aspect of running a successful cricket club plus

Every officer’s role within the club is fully explained
      and there are a few surprises as well.
All Club officers should have one for immediate reference.

How to become:             1. A Groundsman

                                      2. A Coach

                                      3. An Umpire

                                      4. A Scorer


@ £9.99  (4 Available)


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