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"... and nothing but the truth" Deon Gouws
Hansie Cronjé has rocked a sports-loving nation and the cricket world with his alleged involvement in match-fixing. · How did we miss the warning signs? · Are the administrators of the game blameless? · Will the King Commission go far enough to uncover the truth? These are some of the many questions being asked by the public, sports players, sports administrators and even government officials. Now, in the very first book to detail the Hansie Cronjé scandal, these questions are being considered against the backdrop of cricket in South Africa, cricket abroad and sport in general. Read how · Kepler Wessels disputes some of Cronjé. s evidence brought before the King Commission · Professor Tim Noakes reflects on how the relationship between Cronjé and the cricket coaching staff deteriorated · Craig Matthews admits to awareness of Cronjé's obsession with money · Ray McCauley says, '(Hansie) certainly answered all questions truthfully, but I'm not sure that he's been asked everything' In the effort to come closer to the truth, author Deon Gouws presents firsthand knowledge, drawn from exclusive interviews with those who know Cronjé, and investigates the relationship between Hansie's performances on the pitch ... and the phone calls that preceded them. . & AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. ? brings the reader fascinating and thought-provoking insight into the public world of cricket and the personal tragedy of Hansie Cronjé. South African Import Paperback. 213 pages. Illustrated in colour. click here for an image.

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Match Fixing - the Enemy within by G Rajaraman
This Indian book casts a glance at each of the cricketers who has been banned, suspended or fined by Cricket Boards across the world, reflecting especially on Mohammed Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja. Above all, it attempts to go beyond the cricketers and look at the administrators who shut their eyes to the reality of match-fixing in the wild hope that it would go away and not become the monster that shook cricket at its very roots in the year 2000. It also asks questions that have remained unanswered despite months of investigation.

Indian Import Bd click here for an image

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Not Quite Cricket by Pradeep Magazine

The day the Delhi Police went to press with allegations of match-fixing against the captain of the South African cricket team1 Hansie Cronje, the cricketing world went into a tailspin from which it is unlikely to recover for a while. Cronje's subsequent admission that he had accepted money from a bookmaker came as a shock to all those who had looked up to him both as an outstanding player and as a man of unquestionable integrity who put the game and his country before all else. However, the recent outrage is only the latest in an ever-increasing number of incidents involving the world's top cricketers. Five years earlier, Australian cricketers Mark Waugh and Shane Warne were fined by the Australian Cricket Board for accepting money in exchange for pitch- and weather-related information. Halfway across the world, Rashid Latif in Pakistan and Manoj Prabhakar in India lashed out at what they called an organized mafia that controlled the game in the subcontinent with the help of leading players from both countries.

Fired by a chance encounter with a bookie in the Caribbean, top Indian cricket writer, Pradeep Magazine, who has covered the game in every part of the world, set himself the task of finding out exactly how the shadowy world of betting and match-fixing worked. He interviewed players, journalists, cricketing officials, and even posed as an informer for a bookmaker for a while. What emerged in the course of his inquiry was a story of divided loyalties and carefully camouflaged half-truths, of players who actively participated in match-fixing and others who colluded with them. The malaise was more widespread than he had suspected, and he predicts in this book that the Cronje incident will be the first of many to dent the increasingly battered image of international cricket.

In recent years, the Indian subcontinent has emerged as perhaps the most lucrative arena in whkh world cricket is played, not least because of the enormous sums wagered on the outcome of very match. Going deep into the shadowy world of Indian bookmakers, Magazine shows how the money trail snakes its way into every part of the game in the subcontinent and thence to the world. Wide ranging in scope and meticulously researched and argued, Not Quite Cricket is essential reading for anyone concerned about the future of cricket.

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Tampering with Cricket - Don Oslear & Bannister
An interesting insight by retired Test Umpire - first-hand experiences from 1983 to 1996 of ball tampering and alleged bribery.

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