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a few items of equipment and accessories (all of which can also be found in other categories)

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Multipurpose Gauge with pouch

They all measure ball, bail, bat and wicket and come with pouch.

NEW 7-in-1 thick plastic (3mm) similar layout to aluminium one including notches to enable groundsmen to pitch the centre of the stumps accurately first time AS WELL AS stumps and protected area like discontinued 6-in-1.

7-in-1 aluminium illustrated on left includes notches to enable groundsmen to pitch the centre of the stumps accurately first time AS WELL AS stumps and protected area like discontinued 6-in-1.

More details and descriptions can be found email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report

If you prefer to pay by cheque, then use the price shown but with FREE postage & packing - worldwide.

Also email if you require several items and wish to save on postage.

We can supply in bulk with your own logo instead of ours - please email: office@acumenbooks.co.uk?subject=WantOurGauge - allow eight weeks for delivery of plastic or sixteen weeks on aluminium after sending us your order with good image.

7-in-1 Aluminium Gauge @ £23.99  (3 Available)
- 5-in-1 Aluminium gauge with pouch @ £15.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 4-in-1 Enamelled Gauge SECONDHAND @ £12.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- 7-in-1 thick plastic @ £15.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

100ft / 30m Measuring Tape
100ft tape (smaller image) Measuring Tape - manufacturer my vary but will definitely exceed 22 yards! Holder makes it easy to reel in after use.

100ft measuring Tape @ £18.99  (1 Available)

Bails - all varieties

Bails - Standard, Heavy and High Visibility (illustrated)

all bails conform to MCC 2000 Laws - within normal woodworking tolerances.

Flourescent - high visibility are very useful when standing at striker's end on a dry square when pale brown wood is difficult to see against pale brown grass and pale brown stumps!

Heavy Bails for windy days (over 120gm per set compared with 80gm standard).   Note that colour of heavy bails may vary - sometimes piebald or light brown as well as usual dark brown.

If out of stock - please mail to bails@acumenbooks.co.uk to be placed on the mailing list.   We will email you as soon as they are back in stock.

Standard Bails @ £4.99  (22 Available)
Bails - Flourescent - high visibility @ £6.95  (4 Available)
- Bails COMBINED HiVis & Heavy @ £7.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
Heavy Bails @ £6.95  (20 Available)
Youth / Junior Bails @ £4.99  (8 Available)

Plan Cricket by Christopher Bazalgette
Christopher Bazalgette has just published an exciting new book about how to run a cricket club – an indispensable guide on sports club administration, duties of the various officers, reference section on suppliers – even something for the groundsman. Retail price £9.99, UK p&p £1 BUT USUAL ACUMEN INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER – post free if you send cheque / cash with order before 31st December 2003. www.acumenbooks.co.uk/plancricket.htm contains more details and a cover picture.

Do you know all the organisations offering grants for cricket clubs?

Have you tried and tested all the methods of fundraising?

Have you converted your club to the Clubmark scheme?
- A sure way to be allocated funds from the ECB.
- What is Clubmark?
- There is a full example for a club ­from start to recognition.

What is CRB?  How to be ‘young friendly’

Plan Cricket

­£9.99 inc UK p&p
3 for £25 - ask for bulk prices

All the answers are in PLAN Cricket and so much more ­ The Administrators Bible by Christopher Bazalgette & John Appleyard – available from Acumen Books, 167 Nantwich Rd, Audley, ST7 8DL

Every aspect of running a successful cricket club plus

Every officer’s role within the club is fully explained
      and there are a few surprises as well.
All Club officers should have one for immediate reference.

How to become:             1. A Groundsman

                                      2. A Coach

                                      3. An Umpire

                                      4. A Scorer


@ £9.99  (4 Available)

Stump Gauge
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Stump Gauge - three spikes on metal plate at correct distance to make the initial holes in the ground for the stumps.
New stocks not expected until February 2003 when wholsalers do bulk import ready for new English Season.

Standard 9 inch Senior Gauge @ £7.49  (3 Available)
Junior 8 inch stump gauge @ £7.49  (1 Available)


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