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LogBooks/Cards for Umpires

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Log Books Umpires
Premier Crad

2015 edition will be available before 30th April. All advance orders will be despatched as soon as possible.

The current edition is pocket sized (95mm x 165mm) and contains space for winner of toss, score at end of each over as well the usual bowler's record. It contains approx 40 "pink" premier record cards style on white paper - you can carry it in your coat all season and not have to scrabble around for individual cards. It also make a nice momento since it contains names of clubs, colleagues etc.

The front cover bears Nompere logo - but we can produce personalised versions with the logo of your sponsor, league, association etc. - minimum quantity of 50 required - ask for details

Aide memoire

Match summary includes space for timing intervals, interruptions etc plus traditional bowlers' grid.
Especially suitable for Premier and T20 games where time is a critical factor.
You can also take a surreptitious peek at the penalty table without embarrassing yourself by looking at blue law book in front of players!

Five Aide Memoires
- ECB Age groups for young bowlers with actual birthdates
- over rate ready reckoner
- summary of penalties.
- captains' conference check list
- umpire's equipment check list
<P><a href="http://www.acumenbooks.co.uk/cards.htm" target="_blank">Visit our main website for more details and samples</A>

Current Log Book @ £10.00  (3 Available)


Umpire Match / Over Record Cards
Premier CradPREMIER CARDS (also suitable for T20)

Pink cards with extra space for recording the exact times of 14 interruptions in play in each innings (eg time taken for new batsman to come in, ball lost over boundary, injuries etc) all of which may be important factors in determining penalties for slow over rates. Now with space for score at end of each over.
We have now removed the last hour calculator - although we can still supply the GREEN version on special order.
Cards are narrow (95mm) to fit into shirt / top coat pocket. They are also available in bound booklet form as a log book - see other product. Please note that the exact colour my vary depending on available stocks of card.

Green Card 25%
West Surrey Card

We also sell West Surrey Cards which are thicker but do not contain last 20 over calculations nor the detailed times.

GREEN cards, including last hour calculator, similar to PINK but with less extra space for recording the stoppages ALSO without score at end of over - AVAILABLE on SPECIAL ORDER only.


click here for more details of all the latest cards or send SAE for a sample card.

NB postage is calculated on the weight of 50 cards - if you require fewer - please email us for a quotation - we hope to improve this computer facility soon. If you buy 100, then you get a bargain!
Please note that where the available quantity is not shown, then we do not keep a running online stock check as we should have a large quantity immediately available.

Pink A6 Premier (100 in pack @ £7.00
Pink A6 Premier (50 in pack) @ £3.60
Pink A5 Premier (100 in pack) @ £10.00
Pink A5 Premier (40 in a pack) @ £4.00
West Surrey Cards (100 in pack) @ £9.00
West Surrey Cards (50 in a pack) @ £5.00  (45 Available)

Sevenoaks Scorecards
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Sevenoaks Scorecards - should be obtained direct from publishers

- @ £3.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)


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