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Shep - Autobiography (Book or Tape) by David Shepherd

Cricket's most senior umpire tells his story from Devonian Childhood to 20 years as an umpire,
NOW IN STOCK both as book and also audio tape

The autobiography of David Shepherd, one of the world's most senior and respected cricketing umpires. For more than 20 years he has umpired tests, county games and one day matches everywhere from Trinidad to Glamorgan, and from Essex to Melbourne.

Book - Shep Autobigraphy @ £18.99  (8 Available)
Shep Audio Tape @ £9.99  (4 Available)

Burning Finger
S_bfmg.JPG Burning Finger - the autobiography of an Indian Umpire

@ £6.00  (9998 Available)

KIDSON, HAYWARD; Over and Time
@ £27.00  (1 Available)

MCCowdrey Audtobiography
S_mcp.JPG Autobiog - MCCowdrey Cowdrey, Colin

Hardback 1976 @ £5.00  (1 Available)
Paperback 1977 @ £2.95  (2 Available)

Standing the Test of Time
lib251:7 So controversial this book was banned by TCCB from 1985 to 1998!

@ £16.95  (4 Available)

referee Ellery
S_ref.JPG referee Ellery Ellery, David

@ £16.99  (1 Available)


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