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Blueprints for Bankruptcy by E A Gibbins
An appraisal of how Government actions led directly to British Railways' financial & quality of service problems. Examines the effect of the role and actions of watchdogs, media, industry, suppliers & users upon performance & popular perceptions of nationalised railways. ISBN 0-952-1039-2-3 1995, pbk, pages: v, 218; 9x7in.

@ £11.95

Britains Railways by E A Gibbins

@ £12.95

Personal Journey Record Book (Railway)
Personal Journey Record Book - A5 size, illustrated cover, for rail travellers to keep a record of journeys, delays, fastest journeys and a cumulative total of mileage travelled & stations visited. Used by enthusiasts, commuters and others 1988. ISBN 0952103915

@ £1.75

Railway Conversion by E A Gibbins
to be published in August 2006. An examination of the proposal to convert some railway lines into roads. ISBN 0-952- 1039-

@ £15.95

Square Deal Denied by E A Gibbins

@ £11.95

The Railway Closure Controversy by E A Gibbins
An examination of some railway closures subject to bitter criticism which is now shown to be unwarranted and ill founded. pbk, 2000. ISBN 0-952- 1039-3-1.

@ £12.95

Blue Prints for Bankruptcy
S_bfb.JPG Blue Prints for Bankruptcy Gibbins

@ £12.99  (1 Available)

Championship Record Book
S_champrec.JPG Championship Record Books Gibbins

@ £1.50  (3 Available)

Cricketers Own Record Book
S_cwrb.JPG Cricketers Own Record Books Gibbins - illustrated in catalogue page 7 as players log book.

image of Players Log can be found on page 7 of 2002 paper catalogue or viewed here - big file!

- @ £2.15  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Player Record GOLF
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Player Record GOLF Gibbins

- @ £1.75  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Tennis Players Record Book
S_ten.JPG Player record books TENNIS Gibbins

@ £2.15  (1 Available)


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