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Teach Cricket
This handy sized full colour, laminated, spiral bound, little book has been designed as a practical guide for teachers, parents and coaches to make teaching cricket fun for children. Packed with drill ideas, safety tips and wet weather ideas, the book covers every aspect of cricket including batting, bowling and fielding and has a section on warming up and cooling down.

Written by ECB Coaches Robert Thomas and Richard O’Sullivan (Albatross Partnership) adopted as an ICC global resource and 15,000 copies already sold worldwide - more information at www.teachcricket.com from 1st April 2006.

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Thinking Cricket by Ajith C S Perera
This full colour book was published in October 2001 and covers a totally different approach for greater success - equally suitable for dispirited youngster, experienced professionals, teachers etc

An indispensable Players' guide to better cricket - transform your career 300pp - Intro by Mike Brearley and David Whatmore

Identifies hundreds of common mistakes and deficiencies - provides a wealth of good advice and remedial measures - packed throughout with practical ideas

Press reviews etc can be found on long description page by clicking on the title line above.

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Cricket Coachmaster - Batting Mechanics
– Learn How to Bat with the Correct Techniques – More than 130 pictures – Detailed Techniques developed by Gary Palmer (ECB Staff Coach) includes mental preparation.
An order through Acumen, will be passed on to the author for him to send the copy to you. This may take a little longer that the usual Acumen service.

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Quick&Easy way to teach cricket
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Quick&Easy way to teach cricket by Richard O'Sullivan - visit www.albpart.co.uk for more details or email email sully@albpart.co.uk
We can take payment and arrange shipment from the publisher although this takes a little longer.

- @ £12.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Fitness Training in Cricket by Dr R C Sharangpani
A very interesting insight in to how to prepare yourself from an Indian doctor

@ £9.00  (1 Available)

Coaching Cricket Andrews
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Coaching Cricket Andrews Andrews, Keith

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Coaching Youth Cricket
youth25.jpg Coaching Youth Cricket is a great tool for new and inexperienced coaches working with 6- to 14-year old athletes. You will learn the fundamentals of coaching and the most effective methods for teaching cricket skills and strategies to young athletes.

This valuable resource presents more than 50 drills to improve players' skills along with team tactics and practice games that promote leadership and team spirit. Filled with 154 helpful illustrations, Coaching Youth Cricket will help you meet the challenges and experiences the rewards of coaching young players.

Compiled by Australian Cricket Board and published as part of American Sport Education Programme.

If temporarily out of stock, please email val@acumenbooks.co.uk and ask to be put on the waiting list. Replenishments are usually available within two weeks.

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Cricketers in the Making - Trevor Bailey
S_itm.JPG Cricketers in The Making

- @ £7.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Handbook of Cricket - Keith Andrews
S_hka.JPG Handbook of Cricket – Andrews Andrews, Keith

@ £14.99  (3 Available)

Learn to play good cricket
C:\MyWebLun\WorldPay\lib002\S_noimage.JPG Learn to play good cricket

- @ £9.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Skills of Cricket - Keith Andrews
S_ski.JPG Skills of Cricket – Andrews Andrews, Keith

@ £7.99  (2 Available)

THINK - Cricket : Compete Mentally

THINK - Cricket is for amateur cricketers who lack the resources to look at videos of those who are going to oppose them, as do professional cricketers, and have no professional coach to remind them of what to look for in each game they play.

NOW superseded by 2011 edition.

THINK - Cricket stresses that there is much more to the game when your mind is fully focussed. It aims to open everyone's mind to a wider dimension of the game, and to provide a subtle awareness that should mean better results.

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