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New Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring & Scoring
SUMMER 2011 fully revised edition to correspond with 4th Edition MCC Laws - RRP 18.99 BUT we are able to offer it at the cheapest retail price - please email us to enquire for bulk discounts.

Very sorry that MCC have no plans to revise this edition so there are some minor discrepancies with 2013 Laws

2009 reprint OUT OF STOCK(minor changes from the jubilee edition (2004) of this classic text book)

2004 was completely revised edition in a new, larger, format to cover the 2003 Law changes. We do still have copies of previous editions (often back as far as 1950's) available for historical reasons - please enquire.

For details of our special offers, bulk quantities and discounts for cash/cheque with order, please email us for copies of our periodic newsletter. - we try to provide a convenient service to trainees.

Tom Smith 2010/2011 edition @ £10.99  (9 Available)

MCC Law Book
MCC 10% laws The 2015 edition of the official MCC Lawbook (2000 code latest Edition) - includes a few minor changes - usually large stocks of current edition available at short notice.

2013 MCC Laws

NB the 2015 front cover is slightly different (including new price) from the image shown which is 2000 version - the 2010 edition had significant changes in text

If you require bulk copies please email us for a quotation

for single copies, please order here and we will normally despatch on our next working day.

If we are out of stock, we will send firm orders as soon as they become available - alternatively email us to be placed on our mailing list for a progress report
Customers in Indian Sub Continent may be able to obtain copies more economically from Marine Sports in Bombay. Please mention our name to obtain best possible price.

MCC Law 2015 with plastic jacket @ £3.10
MCC Law 2015 standard @ £3.00
- Laws 2003 ************ @ £1.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
Laws 2010 *************** @ £1.00  (3 Available)

Duckworth Lewis : Guide to setting One Day Targets

Your Comprehensive Guide to the D/L Method
NOW September 2004 - 2nd EDITION on PAPER and comb bound 0954871804.

The widely accepted method of recalculating targets in One Day Games that are interrupted. The original standard tables were revised in 2002 and remain current until further notice (as at August 2004).   The long description page on this site contains more details of the method. - see also our information web page. Please note that the current ICC computer version may yield slightly different answers - unfortunately they refuse to allow commercial sales of their product.

The ELECTRONIC copy (including tables) can be downloaded from here in Adobe Acrobat format - approx 1Mb download - but takes approx 10 mins on 56k modem. You should receive automatic instructions IMMEDIATELY after your payment has been processed. If you need a free copy of the Acrobat Reader, then go to www.acrobat.com If you have problems downloading, please advise us and we can send it as an email attachment or another link but this can only be actioned when qualified staff are in the office.

The supplementary tables are only relevant if you have the first edition of the booklet and just need the 2002 tables. Both the present printed and downloadable editions contain the full current tables.

We are considering providing some copies in Perfect Bound format (i.e. traditional book rather than comb. If this version would interest you, please email perfect@acumenbooks.co.uk

Main Booklet comb bound 2004 Duckworth Lewis @ £6.99  (57 Available)
Electronic Download Guide to D/L Method (with tables) @ £4.95

You are the Umpire
A batsman's bat breaks in half mid-shot. He trips on the piece of broken blade, knocking it back into the stumps. Is he out hit wicket?

At Canterbury (in the old days, before the big tree died) a ball strikes the upper branches and leaves of the tree but still clears the boundary. What do you signal?

A batsman is struck on the helmet. Dazed, he walks into his stumps. The fielding team appeal. What do you decide?

Paul Trevillion, Europe's foremost sports illustrator, has teamed up with ex-professional cricket and test umpire John Holder to produce this entertaining and informative guide to the laws of cricket. Based on the hugely popular "Observer" comic strip and embellished with anecdotes from John Holder's thirty-five years in top class cricket, this book is a treasure trove for all fans of this beautiful, compelling - sometimes frustrating - game.

@ £12.99

How's That ! by Khalid Aziz
The only book so far covering Referees as well as Umpires and Scorers - 258 pages. Khalid Aziz of Pakistan was a Test Match Umpire from 1987 to 1996 and participated in the rewriting of the 2000 code. He is now ICC Umpire Instructor for Asia.

@ £4.99  (9 Available)

Questions & Answers - Don Kirkby

NEW FOR 2007

This is a series of three easy to read booklets which give readers the opportunity to consider practical scenarios taken from the game of cricket whilst at the same time testing knowledge of the Laws of Cricket based on the 2000 Code 2nd Edition 2003

Don Kirkby is a Senior Instructor with many years experience of running courses and instructing umpires in the Laws of Cricket on behalf of the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. He has played league cricket for many years, and in a number of those, he acted as captain. He also has a vast experience of umpiring at this level.

Each book contains 75 Case Scenarios and Questions separated from the Answers (with references to Law) to allow the reader to consider the probable outcome.

Code 70 : Over & Out
Code 71 : Bails & No Ball
Code 72 : The Wicket is Down.

Also available as a set of three, saving on postage - code 69.
You can proceed to pay by credit card which will add p&p
OR you can save the postage charge (within UK) by sending your cheque with order and ACU&S membership number.

Kirkby 70 : Over & Out @ £4.50  (1 Available)
Kirkby 71 : Bails & No Ball @ £4.50  (1 Available)
Kirkby 72 : The Wicket is Down @ £4.50  (2 Available)
Kirkby 69 : Set of Three Q&A Books @ £12.50  (2 Available)


MCC Open Learning Manual for Umpires 2010
This comprehensive manual is based on the original ACU&s;S version by George&s;Alf Powley and now updated by Sheila Hill to reflect 2010 MCC Law changes.

Acumen can now supply it in two styles of paper editions.

The sturdy ring bound version includes finger index tabs and is printed on one side only. This enables the reader to make notes on the facing page and to insert future amendment sheets most easily.

We can also supply a simple, comb-bound A4 sheets printed on both sides. RRP 3.50

Please be aware there is a blind spot in the computer program and it calculates postage based on the very HEAVY ring binder version. To allow for this, we show a much lower price against the comb-bound version - do not then be alarmed by the high postage calculated.

Please do not hesitate to email office[AT]AcumenBooks.co.uk to clarify this point or ask for overseas or bulk prices.

The current edition can also be downloaded FREE of charge from http://www.lords.org/laws-and-spirit/laws-of-cricket/open-learning-manual%2C833,AR%2Chtml

The intention is that MCC will subsequently issue individual amendment pages.

- MCC OLM comb-bound @ £2.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- MCC OLM ring binder @ £10.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Know The Game (2003 code)
This is the full laws of cricket with coloured illustrations and a very small amount of explanatory text NOW RE-PUBLISHED 2004 September

- @ £4.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Another Look at LBW Law - Len Martin
Lib25%:29 a detailed treatise on the geometry of LBW

@ £3.00  (918 Available)

Decision Maker: Darrell Hair
Lib25%:21 Australia's best known umpire shares the sheer delight and joy that cricket has given him among the world's best players.

SECONDHAND COPIES arriving September 2006<\font> please email wanthair@acumenbooks.co.uk to be placed on waiting list

He reveals the truth about the Muralidharan Throwing Affair. He explores the battle for supremacy between McGrath, Warne and the Waugh bothers and their clashes with Lara, Ambrose, Walsh, Atherton and Tendulkar.

- @ £19.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Do you know the Laws? by George Pickford (1980)

useful series of revision questions for both Part I and II umpire examinations under 1980 code

Most of the questions are still relevant and typical of the level asked under the 2000 code, a few of the answers should be different - consequently we are selling this item off at a greatly reduced price

We have asked someone to provided amended answers but these are unlikely to be available for some time - perhaps you would like to volunteer?

@ £1.00  (68 Available)

Don Oslear's Wisden The Laws of Cricke
Oslear 2000 Don Oslear in his usual controversial style sets out in full the text of the new 42 laws of cricket with a commentary, covering reasons for changes and highlighting their anticipated effects at every level of the game. There is full discussion of penalties, and the revisions to the "no ball" law.

ACU&S members in UK are advised to pay by cheque to obtain copies post free. NB this offer also applies worldwide by SURFACE mail.

If out of stock, please email oslear@acumenbooks.co.uk to be placed on our email waiting list - this title usually replenished within one month.

- Jan01 Oslear @ £9.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- Jan01 with plastic jacket Oslear @ £10.49  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Howzat by Tony Ferrers
Lib25%:52 An Australian view on the practical problems of umpiring

@ £8.99  (5 Available)

Laws Translated into Marati (1980 code)
marati15.jpg Laws Translated in Marati

@ £9.00  (1 Available)

MCC Law Book 2017
2017 MCC Law Book (20%) 2017 MCC Law Book (100%)This is latest official Law Book (nominally effective from 01oct17).

@ £3.50

Next Man In (1995HB/99PB) Brodribb
Lib25%:42 This is the classic history of the Laws and their development by Gerald Brodribb (1999PB and 1995HB contain same text). See secondhand section for copies of 1952 and 1967 editions.

Hardback 1995 (same text as 1999PB) @ £18.50  (3 Available)
Paperback 1999 (same text as 1995HB) @ £12.99  (11 Available)

Psychology of Officiating Weinberg & Rdn
Lib25%:45 A very comprehensive review of all the pressures on officials at all levels on and off the field, from players, spectators, administrators and fellow officials and how to prepare and cope with them under extreme stress - including man management of players.

- Hardback @ £14.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- Paperback @ £12.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Scorers Handbook by Derek Hibbs
Lib25%:25 Millennium Edition (with revised cover) is out of stock but a new edition is being prepared for release in Summer 2006.

to be placed on the waiting list send us an email

This is the only book written just for scorers - it explains both the basic method (and it should be done rigorously methodically if it is to be accurate under pressure) and some of the more advanced methods.

- Millennium edition Scorers Handbook @ £5.00  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)
- Scorers Handbook with plastic cover @ £5.20  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)


Sport & The Law Grayson
S_gry.JPG Sport & The Law Grayson Grayson

@ £45.00  (1 Available)

Successful Sports Officiating
spoff.jpg spoff.jpga guide to the basic principles of officiating. It has real-life examples to help analyze potential conflicts and practice applying skills learnt from each chapter. It covers objectives, conduct, communication skills, decision-making skills, time management, legal rights and responsibilities

Compiled by USA's Referees' Magazine and published in UK by Human Kinetics.

- @ £14.95  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Thinking About Umpiring
lib251:3 An Irish explanation about the practical problems of umpiring.

- @ £4.99  (Out of Stock/Unavailable)

Transparent plastic dust jackets to prot
Transparent plastic dust jackets to protect books

which book do you wish to cover?
172 mm protects Law Books & Hibbs Scorer @ £0.10  (100 Available)
197 mm protects OLD Tom Smith Paperback @ £0.15  (21 Available)
218 mm protects larger books inc Hardbac @ £0.50  (22 Available)

Urdu Law Books (1980 code)
urdu15.jpg Laws of Cricket translated into Urdu by Mahboob Shah

@ £4.00  (16 Available)

Know The Game
S_ktg98.JPG KTG 1998 Know the Game KTG - this was the last edition under the 1980 code. Useful for historical reference but players and umpires should purchase a later edition containing the current Laws.

2004 edition @ £4.99  (1 Available)
1989 edition (B&W diagrams) @ £1.00  (2 Available)
1994 edition (Col photos) @ £1.99  (1 Available)
1998 edition @ £1.99  (1 Available)


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