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Welcome to Acumen Books' online store. We supply or signpost almost everything a cricket umpire or scorer needs.

2017 MCC Law Book (20%)

AUGUST 2017 - New Law Books AND Bat gauges NOW AVAILABLE


APRIL 2015 Laws in Urdu, reprinted Log Books, Bails HiVis & Heavy!

NEW STOCK of 7-in-1 gauges - arrived late October 2014.

Please note our NEW ADDRESS. We are at Pennyfields, New Road, Bignall End, ST7 8QF - less than a mile from Rushton House where we lived for 40 years. Telephone number remains the same.

Latest edition (2011) of Tom Smith Cricket Umpiring and Scoring at 9.99 (we believe this is the cheapest retail price in world!) plus postage. Printed copies of MCC Open Learning Manual also available here. Regrettably neither of them will be updated before 2017.

Hand countersMetal Ball Multi-Gauge, Metal and Plastic lever counters with FREE wrist/finger straps available.

Stock clearance bargains now extended until exhausted, click here to open in new window.
Please note that orders are normally serviced before 11:59 on most days. In real emergency, please ring 01782 720 753 and leave a message but a surcharge may apply for express service if provided.

11feb07 - New small tally counter - fits on finger

01aug06 - visit our Discussion Board at http://nompere.proboards.com

12jul06 - Railway history books now added to Leisure Products section.
20apr06 - Club Cricket Yearbook now in stock.lists every club in major leagues of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with travel directions, 2005 performances and leagues statistics.

02apr06 - Encyclopedia of Scottish Cricket now added.
07sep04 - Duckworth Lewis available as both booklet and electronic download
14aug04 - steel 100ft measuring tape
20oct03 - New design Staedtler Triplus pens for scorers
00jul03 - new books - Alone in Middle by Steve Dunne & 100 First Class Umpires
21feb07 - Revision Question booklets by Don Kirkby

Feb 02 - Scorebook to meet new Law requirements - refills now available
Oct 01 - Shep's Autobiography now in stock.

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To place your order, start by clicking on enter catalogue on the left hand side menu. Then pick a currency and postal method if necessary - remember to press ""

Remember to enter the QUANTITY in the white boxes even if you only want one item. If you wish to pay by cheque then go through to the final screen and print your shopping list including postage and mail it to us.

For large orders, please email us first for quantity discounts. We can offer better discounts for cash with order.

Please email us (office@acumenbooks.co.uk?subject=CBenquiry) if there is something you cannot find. & Also please tell us of any mistakes in our site (e.g. we have found one or two wrong pictures but there may be more)

We do have a number of agents around UK and in parts of the rest of the world who hold the most common items in stock - details can be found on our www.acumenbooks.co.uk site which also holds many links, bulletin board and lost of other information for umpires and scorers (or click on INFORMATION at any time).

Which? Web Trader Scheme closed on 31 jan 03

STAFF HOLIDAYS scheduled from time to time - please order early and allow time for delivery we do not advertise exact dates as this would attract burglars although we do have a very active neighbourhood watch!

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